Technical Information

This Web site includes reproducible or "camera-ready art” that you can use for your advertising program. The images on this site are either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator images and have been approved by Isuzu for the exclusive use of its Distributors.

The Photoshop images you will find here are vectored images, which give better reproduction and can be scaled without losing their quality.

To use the art on the site, you will first need to download it by clicking on the button to the left of the name. An EPS file will appear on your screen. It has been saved—or compressed—in a ZIP archive format to save room and so you can use it whether you have a PC or Macintosh. However, in order to use the file, you will need to decompress it first.

On the PC side, the file can be decompressed with WinZip, a utility for Windows when using Zip files and other archive and compression formats. If you are using a Mac, you will need the latest version of StuffIt Expander, an Aladdin Systems product that allows users to decompress, decode, convert and access files from popular compression archive formats. If you do not have decompression software installed on your machine, you can download the software you need by choosing one of the buttons below.

WinZip Download Now StuffIT Expander Download Now


Once you have downloaded the art, remember that it can only be viewed by opening it from within a page layout program. For details on how to import the artwork into your page layout program, please consult the owner''s manual for your specific layout software. When you complete the process, drag the compressed file into your trash.

Be aware that an ad you would build with the image from this site will be a large document that will take a lengthy amount of time to open on your computer. Instead of building an ad on your own, you may consider using your publication or printer because the equipment there would be a better source of production. If you decide to work with an outside service, you will need to give the publication or printer the URL—or address—of this site.


Downloading Time

Many factors play a role in the time it takes to download files from an Internet site. Consider these factors when downloading materials.

Connected speed may be less than your modem indicates. For instance, many 33.6 modems connect at 26.4 because of line noise and other factors. If you are doing other things, such as checking your E-mail or browsing the Internet, files will take longer to download.

With compression from either modem software or hardware, downloading will take less time, especially when it comes to text files or non-compressed files.



  • Artwork and ads downloaded or developed from this site are designed for PostScript printers and output devices.
  • The quality of the image when printed depends on the quality of the printer or output device. To avoid image degradation, photographic scans are approved for enlargement up to, but not beyond, 200%.
  • In order to print your ad, printers and service bureaus will need the electronic illustrations and EPS ad files you used to create your layout, so pass along the files you downloaded from the site. Include these files along with your final layout file when transmitting or transferring electronic files to a printer or publication.
  • Consult your newspaper to select the correct line screen for your ad before sending electronic files.

    ALERT! You must have a PostScript output device to successfully print Isuzu illustrations and logos.